Turto is a fiction franchise moving company, located in the south of Canada. Its goal is to help people, specifically, students move with ease. The variety of options Turto provides is all at an affordable price. Young couples, little families, and students are our target customers. Not only does it has lots of options to choose from, but also with fast service. With the slogan “we got your speed” means it understands the customer’s will in moving fast but still cautiously, reflecting the brand’s mascot as well.

Created a responsive Home Page Website for multiple devices to attract the viewer for Turto.

(Old Version of Turto Home Page)

(New Version of Turto Home Page)

Created Turto brochure on a hexagon shape that has on the shelf of Turtle - the mascot of the brand. Moreover, researched and came up with a headline as well as the content for the brand.
(Below is the thinking process and full version of the brochure)

Advertising Instagram posts for Turto

Researched images, content and came up with headlines to create Instagram posts in engaging people for the brand
Thank you - End of Turto campaign

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